BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I am now Lead Game Designer for Field Of Heroes!

I am proud to announce that I will be taking over as lead game designer of Soccer MOBA game, Field of Heroes! This all came about after much discussion with good friend and great game developer Gamieon, who designed the prototype for the game and is now looking to expand it into a full release. The best part is, Gamieon is 100% cool with me streaming the creation of the design document, allowing all of you to join me on this wild ride. I will be working on every single aspect of the design of this game, everything from menu flow, to characters and their skills, to the audio-visual aesthetics of this game. We will be writing a very comprehensive design document for this game, and I will be streaming it live starting this Wednesday (2/15/17) at 8PM ET! Join me as we theory craft and work together to make this game a ton of fun!

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