Indie Insights: Episode 32

Hyperspace Pinball, Vertex and Skyship Aurora

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Games of the Week

This week on tap, we’ve got 3 great looking games all submitted by some awesome devs at TIGSource.

Hyperspace Pinball

First up we’ll be looking at Hyperspace Pinball, a pinball game that’s looking to be released on Steam later this month. The developer is very close to release, so they aren’t looking to make any significant changes, however this is the perfect time to get those final points of polish all shined up, so we’ll be looking into that.


After that we’ll be taking a look at Vertex, an action platformer with a retro feel, and two hot-swappable characters. This game is a one man project and draws its inspiration from such oldschool platformers as Super Metroid and Super Mario World. With it’s look, it certainly could have found itself at home on a SNES back in the day. We’ll be testing out the feel of the game’s movement above all else on this one.

Skyship Aurora

The last game we’ll be checking out is a skyship simulator by the name of Skyship Aurora. In this game, you are the AI on Skyship Aurora, and your job is to keep this ship safe at all costs. In this demo, we are only seeing one encounter that the game has to offer, but the developers are interested in adding in other things such as Trading, Building, Giant Bosses and a Huge World Map to discover.


The stream will take place on all the following channels at 8PM EDT.

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