Indie Insights, Live Collective Feedback!

Developer Testimonals

Highsight offers great constructive criticism, suggesting improvements instead of just pointing out flaws.
Frank RodriguezBit Wing



Indie Insights is a special gaming live show focusing on games that are still in development. We accept nearly all types of games, be they Alpha, Beta and even Prototypes. Each show, 3 games are played live in front of a like-minded audience of gamedevs and enthusiasts, and we all give collective feedback to the developer. This show is a way to bring crowdsourced feedback as well as some exposure to developers who are willing to take it.


Indie Insights takes place each Tuesday at 8PM EST/EDT on my twitch channel. Any and everyone is welcome to join, regardless of game development skill! If you have ever played a game in your life, you’re qualified to give your opinions on one, so don’t be shy!


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