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Indie Insights #50

It’s hard to believe it, but this is our 50th Episode!!! In honor of that, we’ll be spending this episode looking back at some Indie Insights from the past. Let’s see how they’ve progressed since we’ve last checked them out!

Dragons Never Cry

To kick off the night we’ll be checking out the latest version of Dragons Never Cry! When we last saw this game we noted it had a great asthetic, but the controls were a bit tricky, and the level design was lacking. My biggest issue was the lack of action that took place during the levels. There are plenty of excellent polish points in the game, but if it’s not engaging from the get-go most people will never get that far! We’ll be doing a deep analysis of the game from the perspective of a new player and seeing how we feel about it this time around.

Ground Breakers

After that, we’ll be taking a second look at Ground Breakers! Our first time around checking out this game I apperently encountered a bug that really messed up the campaign! This has since been fixed, and the game has even made it onto Steam Early Access. This turn based tactics game boasts a deep unit customization system which has since been heavily enhanced. Now that the developers are asking for money for this game, I’m planning on being a bit more critical than before. Is the game currently in a justifiable state to start charging for it? Let’s find out!

Mech Anarchy

To end our night we’ll be checking out a viewer favorite, Mech Anarchy. The last time we checked it out we had a great time fighting against ourselves online, but the overall experience felt as though it lacked polish. The developer has since been working closely with fellow Indie Insights submitters and myself on my Discord and the game has come a LONG way since! I would like to continue this trend through further playtesting and more collaberation. I’m looking forward to spotlighting this one again and showing off some of the new features.


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