Indie Insights: Episode 66

Show Begins In...


Desperate Times

We’re kicking off the night with Desperate Times, a game by long time submitter Yokcos! This is a game that started its life as a Ludum Dare 35 entry which the developer has decided to expand on. The gimmic is its a shmup in which you pilot a ship which can only reload by transforming into another ship. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this mechanic to see if it makes for compelling, or frustrating gameplay.

The Pedestrian

After that we’ll be checking out The Pedestrian, a visual gorgeous puzzle platformer with an interesting mechnic. In this game you are a clipart character that moves across the world through different signs. You can manipulate the sign’s positions, entry and exit points to get your character across the real world. I’m really excited about this game because it’s got a really distinct and creative look to it. I’m very curious to see if this game uses its aesthetic to create powerful mechanics!

Blades of the Righteous

Lastly we’ll be concluding the night with Blades of the Righteous, a turn based tactical game where you micromanage the building of your army and defend your kingdom against oncoming hordes of enemies. This game promises random encounters ensuring that each game is different from the last. We’ll be taking a close look at the interface of this game, as well as how these encounters work together to create a unique experience and gameplay feel.


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