Indie Insights: Episode 65

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First up we’ll be checking out Spark, a game space shooter with both a puzzle and survival gameplay mode. I find it curious that these two modes are seperate, it seems like puzzle sidescrolling space shooters are in short supply, so why not combine them into a hybrid? We’ll be looking closely at both modes and possibly talking about integrating them together, instead of keeping them seperate.

Shooting Game Thing

After that we’re taking a look at a space shooter by Bulletproof Outlaws! Last time we checked out a game by Bulletproof Outlaws it was Dragon Game, a game where you controlled a giant dragon who burned down buildings and ate allll the villages. Much like last time, this time we have a highly stylized Ludum Dare entry that the developer is looking into expanding on. In this one we play as a side scrolling spaceship which can transform into a giant mech, altering its hitbox and the way it performs in battle. We’ll be discussing ways to improve this game for a potential full release. Come to the show with enemy and mechanic ideas, and we’ll chat them out with the developer!

The Seeker

Finally we’ll be checking out The Seeker, a new title from Intercido etertainment. Previous we checked out Demented, which is now available on Steam Early Access. From the minimal description I’ve gotten of this game, it seems to be some sort of a Pac-man stealth game. We’ll be checking this game carefully and watching for any pitfalls similar to what we found when we checked Demented. Hope you’ll join us!


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