Indie Insights: Episode 64

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Dire Vengeance

First up tonight we’re checking out the latest version of Dire Vengance by Magic Shot Games. Some of you may remember the last time we checked out this game a while back. Well now we’re back to see what sort of improvements have been made to this game since the last time. From what I can see, there’s a ton of new levels that have been added this time around. Not to mention a bunch of new beasties with different mechanics and attacks. There was a bit of difficulty when it came to the punishment of death, so we’ll be keeping an eye on player fairness this time around.

Sector Six

Next up tonight we’ve got Sector Six, a game where you create your own custom ship to take on the world! The concept of building your own ship is a neat one I’ve never seen in this genere, but it’s a concept I’ve LOVED in other genres. It’s such a great idea to give the player the power to shape their game however THEY wish to, and I’m excited to see how this plays out in a SHUMUP environment. We’ll be seeing how easy to use the customizer is, as well as how well balanced the gameplay is for different ship types.

Demons of Scheherazade

Lastly we’ll be checking out another game from C-Dawg, creator of Zodiac: Story of the Guardian, which we checked out a while back. This is another game created in Zelda Classic, a game engine developed especially to allow players to create original Zelda games of their own. With some VERY heavy modifications, you can do speical things to this engine however, including create an action RPG, as we are seeing here! I’m excited to see just how far the scripting can go with this engine, as it’s something I used to toy with myself a long time ago. Let’s see how this engine holds up to current game making technology!


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