Indie Insights: Episode 63

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A Game of Changes

First up tonight we’ll be checking out A Game of Changes, a zen-like puzzle game inspired by the ancient chinese oracle I. Ching. This is probably the first game I’ve ever checked out which was inspired by philisophical writings. I find zen games fascienating in this day and age, when you consider most games exist to fill an action role in most people’s lives. It’s like listening to smooth Jazz while the rest of the world loves Metallica. I enjoy seeing games like this because they fit a niche that is rarely touched on, niche of non-violent and non-stressful gameplay that can be a great gateway game for many new gamers. I look forward to seeing how accessable this game is.


After that we’ll be checking out Bevontule, a 3D Turn Based tactical RPG. Much of this game is based around the concept of positioning and timing of your attacks, but I’m not sure what “timing” has to do with turn based gameplay. As I always enter these games blind, I’ll be finding out along with you guys, so let’s check it out together!


We cap off our night by checking out the fully up to date version of Barricade! You may recall that I checked this game out not too long ago, but apperently I was sent an older version of the game. This version promises to have MANY new features to play around with, many changes and some more music to rock out too. I can’t wait to see the changes in this game!


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