Indie Insights: Episode 62

Show Begins In...


Lil Tanks

LISTEN UP MAGGOTS! First up tonight we’re checking out a new take on the Shoot em Up genre with Lil Tanks! This game is a side scrolling shoot em’ up, but instead of the standard “space shooter” convention you play as a ground tank fighting a ton of unique and strange units! This game is very unique to me, as I’ve never personally seen a shoot em up that wasn’t a space shooter of some sort, so it’s neat to see this little break from standard convention.

60 Tons

TEN HUT! Our next game of the night is another Tank related game by the name of 60 Tons. This is a 3D multiplayer online game that relies heavily on teamwork to get together to capture points and/or take out the enemy team’s tanks. These days games like this have alot of competition with World of Tanks, so we’ll be examining the handling and mechanics of the tanks themselves to see how the hold up.

Balistic Tanks

DROP AND GIVE ME TWENTY! We’ll be ending our night with one final tank related game, Balisitic Tanks! This 4 player arena party game is designed to test your ability to position yourself well and trap your enemy into a no-win situation. It’s full of flashy graphics and TONS of juice to go with it, as well as a single player wave survival mode. We’ll be jumping in and killing whatever we can.


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