Indie Insights: Episode 61

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Split Brain

First up tonight we’ll be checking out Split Brain, a top down shooter inspired by a combination of Hotline Miami and John Wick. This game features a dual wielding system and promises a fast paced action experience. We’ll be seeing how well the dual wielding system controls and if it can create for a frantic experience like its inspirations.


Next up we’ll be checking out Blobby, a puzzle platformer based around a constant bouncing mechanic. Physics based platformers are always a tricky thing to get right, which is why so many Little Big Planet levels end up failing. It’s important to get your controls as tight as possible while making sure your level design can work correctly around the physics themselves.


Lastly we’ll be checking out MiniRL, a procedurally-generated 2D roguelike with puzzle elements. It sets out to have accessible gameplay so that anyone can pick up and play it. This game is created by a web developer of 15 years who’s seeking a career change. We’ll be testing the level of accessability this game has as first time players with no instruction manual.


The stream will take place on all the following channels at 8PM EST.
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