Indie Insights: Episode 60

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Axel the Penguin

First up tonight we’ll be checking out a passion project that Ceresoft has been working on for quite a while now. This Sega Master System stylized action platformer is a throwback to the old Mascot platformers of the past. It’s the story of a little penguin by the name of Axel (who’d have guessed), on a quest to save his beloved penguin girlfriend! He’s have to use all of his wit to platform around these puzzling levels. I’ve been keeping a close eye on this one since Ceresoft joined my Discord a while back. We’ve been discussing the game and I’m very exicted to finally check out a demo of it!


Next up we’ll be taking our 2nd look at a person favorite of mine, Skyhook! We checked this game out in 2015, and since then the developer has been HARD at work getting this game to its completion stage. Qazi now believes the game is ready for its full release on Steam, and I’m super excited to see how far its come since our last playthrough! Since the last time I checked it out, melee has been added to the game per my suggestion, and a full Single Player mode has been added as well. We’ll be checking out the Single Player specifically to see what’s been done to improve the experience!

Dragon Game

Our last game of the night is from newcomer BulletProof Outlaws! This game, currently by the name of Dragon Game is a Ludum Dare entry that has been modified to be a full game experience. This game is still in SUPER ULTRA PROTOTYPE MODE!!!! So we’ll be doing alot of things with this one including but not limited to Game Name Brainstorming! It’s gonna be a good time.


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