Indie Insights: Episode 59

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Dark Flame

First up tonight we’ll be re-examining a personal favorite of mine, Dark Flame! This 2D action adventure RPG is designed with heavy inspirations from Castlevania and Dark Souls. When I last checked it out I had an absolute blast trying out the different weapon and magic designs against the different enemies. In spite of that I had some concerns about the difficult nature of the game through its unfair enemy movements. This time around I’ll be taking a critical look at how the enemies are designed to engage the player.


Next up we’ll be checking out Barricade, a game about block busting! It’s an action puzzle game that’s all about breaking down barriers with style. this game seems to be PACKED full of JUICE! I’m always stoked when I see lots of debris from a massive explosion. I’m going to be paying special attention to all of the visual effects that were put into this game, as well as how they mix up the action puzzle elements.

Chicken Assassin

Our last game of the night stars a special Chicken and his two buddies, Machete I and Machete II. This Chicken’s on the warpath, and he’s not gonna let anything stand in the way of his rampage. We’ll be checking out Chicken Assassin, a game that pretty much says everything you’d ever want to ask about it in the title itself. The concept and the visuals look great, but the gameplay itself does not explmplify itself too well in the video. I’m going to be closely examining the gameplay to determine if it’s strong enough to hold up this awesome concept.


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