Indie Insights: Episode 56

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Spacecats in Space!

How many kitties does it take to blow up a space station? One is probably enough, but we’ll find out as we check out Spacecats in Space. This top down shooter features an RPG like leveling system, a cast of fully voiced characters and alot of kitties in space outfits. The fully voiced aspect of this game is ambitious to say the least. Many indie games have attempted voice acting on a budget, and it can be very hit or miss. On the one hand, it gives your game a much more polished and professional feel, on the other, if the voice acting’s bad it’s going to be a major black mark on the game. Voice acting is subjective from person to person and while a voice actor/actress may be well recieved by some, it’s nearly guaranteed not everyone will enjoy it. Despite that, it can be a high reward minimals risk situation, as it is something unique that not every game offers. We’ll be discussing such polish points during our playthrough!


After that we’ll be checking out Spellcaster for the 2nd time! The last time we checked this game out it was in an Early Alpha stage. The game is now in Beta and I’m excited to see what direction the developer has gone with it! The last time we checked it out I praised it for being a spectacle fighter that broke away from standard convention through its perspective and need to have strong combos. We’ll be going over this one very carefully and comparing any changes we come across from our last playthrough.


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