Indie Insights: Episode 55

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Blacksea Odyssey

In addition to hitting Indie Insights for second time, Blacksea Odyssey will be hitting Steam Early Access on March 2nd! Last time I gave high marks to Blacksea Odyssey for its excellent aesthetic and above average gameplay, so much so that I featured it in my Top 10 Indie Insights last year. This time around however, the game is going to be available for money, so it needs to live up to a certain standard. We’ll be watching very carefuly to ensure that the player is getting some bang for their buck. Let’s delve deep into this one!

Narvas 13

Next up we’ve got Nervas 13, a top down RPG Adventure inspired by games like Pokemon and Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals. According to the developer: this is a game “where you play as Mace Carter a Machine and circuitry engineer who travels through the vastness of the galaxy.” I’m curious how this will translate to its gameplay, and if we’re going to be seeing an open world adventure, or a linear path style game. Nowadays space RPGs tend to imply the freedom to make tons of your own choices, (thanks Mass Effect), but they can also be narrow games taking place in atmospheric space stations. We’ll have to see which way the developer went with this game and find out how it feels.

Fair Winds

Lastly we’ll be checking out Fair Winds, a game about sailing! Aaaand that’s about all I know. It seems the game has highly realistic sailing physics and your goal is to navigate a sea full of nasty weather and obstacles. To where? Who knows! We’ll find out together exactly what this voyage has in store for us.


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