Indie Insights: Episode 49

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Indie Insights #49

A Quest of Life

Our first game of the night is A Quest of Life! This game is currently made using RPG Maker, however, the developer is planning on porting it over to Unity under the new name “Fidem”. With that in mind, we will be disregarding the current state of the graphics and gameplay but instead be focusing on the story the game is attempting to tell. This game has an ambitious feature list including sidequests and non-linear exploration, which is something not frequently found in RPG Maker. We’ll be discussing the difficulties of porting a game from RPG Maker to Unity, so I’ll be calling on Unity viewers to help out with any knowledge they may have on the subject!

Dungeons and Damsels

Our next game will be a special one. This game is being created by Dave, also known as 2DGamedev on Twitch. He’s been working on this game with his community for quite a while now, and while it still has a long way to go I’m happy to help him and his community along with it! Currently the game is more or less in a prototype stage and has gone through a number of iterations. Right now it is a roguelite platformer with procedual generated levels and items. I have enjoyed watching this game progress over time and am excited to see where it is right now. Let’s all give our input into the current state of the game.

Skyling: Garden Defense

Finally we’ll be checking out Skyling: Garden Defense, a huge mashup of classic popular games such as Pacman, Q*Bert and Crystal Castles. It can be tricky to find a good balance between old vs new, and while the mechanics are still very similar to the listed games, they’re made more interesting through visual effects and hopefully sound. We’ll be drawing comparisons to what made those games great and whether or not this one holds up to their legacy. After all, if games aren’t evolving, then what’s the point in playing them compared to the originals?


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