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Tweet: Join @Highsight as he checks out a ton of games from the #gm48 game jam!  Tonight at 8PM ET! #gamedev

Here we go again folks! We’ve got a ton of very awesome looking games submitted to us from this GM48 game jam! I’m really amazed by the amount of effort put into the games submitted to this game jam, and I’m stoked to see both returning developers and newcomers alike stepping up their game (no pun intended).

The show will begin at 8PM ET on my Twitch channel, so come on out and show your support!

Tonight’s gamelist!

  1. Day of the Zs | By: ckau
  2. Esc-Ape | By: Problematicar
  3. Space Oddity | By: MestreRothRI
  4. space blocks | By: Jeroen
  5. Prison Flight | By: Chinafreak
  6. Wandered Soul | By: enigma9q
  7. Citadel | By: Baku
  8. Path of Dismay | By: IsmoLaitela
  9. The Big Top | By: jujuadams
  10. Weekend | By: Brimstoner and InjuredBovine
  11. Where Am I? | By: Telefrag Entertainment
  12. IDOL | By: Rinth3
  13. Catch That Kid! | By: Vinnie_V, BaconBoy123, & Buttons
  14. Popup | By: GammaGames
  15. ripesc | By: Blokatt
  16. Science Mishap | By: Fwiller
  17. Dino Escape | By: madsbangh
  18. Cloud Climber | By: 6Leinad6
  19. Musician’s Mind | By: Bee Tracks
  20. Colour Tower | By: Josh Yaxley
  21. Glowsword | By: chaomoon

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