GM48 16 Super Stream Info!



IT’S A SUPER STREAM! I will be checking out EVERY GAME that has been created for the GM48-16. I will be dedicating a maximum of 5 minutes to each game, think of it like a taste of each one. At any time during the stream, you may type “!gm48” in Twitch chat to get a direct link to the game I’m currently playing so you can try it out yourself and/or vote for it!


The stream will take place at both On Twitch.TV and YouTube Gaming. As strange as it sounds, I’d recommend you use YouTube Gaming to watch the video, and Twitch to chat with everyone. I recommend this because YouTube Gaming will offer a much higher quality stream with less buffering, and has my bot in it, which will be posting links to what I am playing and such. In the future, YouTube Gaming will have a bot to do the same as Twitch, but this option is not available now.


The GM48 Super Stream will be a 2-Day Event taking place Wednesday (10/21/15) and Thursday (10/22/15) starting at 8pm EDT each night. I expect each stream will last about 2 hours, and will consist of 24 games each.

Game Schedule

Please understand the order of the games is subject to change at if requested by the developers!

Wednesday 10/21/15 – 8PM EDT

  • Phillution
  • Trees Vs Jacks Forest Defense
  • Wreckage Rider
  • Despondent World
  • EnvirOn
  • SmokeDown
  • Furious Adventures of Faceless Golferman
  • Tree vs Robots
  • Super Kawaii Destructo Desu!
  • Depth Drive
  • The shoes that changed the world
  • Omni
  • 5 Powers, 5 Enemies
  • 5 Seconds of Fire
  • Clean the Castle!
  • Geomancer
  • The Beach King
  • Depth
  • Enter, Light
  • Essence of Nature
  • Mountain Out of a MoleHill

Thursday 10/22/15 – 8PM EDT

  • Teleparobot
  • Gone Nutz
  • Lava Defense Force
  • Rat Escape
  • The Dome Ship
  • Vacuum Cleaner Go!
  • Brain on the Junkyard
  • Season Survivor
  • Forest of Elements
  • Cannon Cave
  • Timber
  • Knights-n-Traps
  • The Roots of Darkness
  • Experiment 0xD
  • Wizza!
  • Mother Earths Revenge
  • Elements
  • Hungry Horde
  • Mountain Man
  • Grapple Ship

2 thoughts on “GM48 16 Super Stream Info!

    1. No worries, I’ll be streaming to both Twitch and YouTube at the same time! Feel free to watch on whichever one you’d like, I just recommend you use Twitch chat either way. 🙂

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