Immersive Movement Demo 2: Verticality + Collisions

Download Demo Here! | Full Video Here


  • Added world collisions.
  • Added the ability to climb (and fall).
  • Tweaked movement speed to feel more natural.
  • Added speed cap.
  • Changed art style.
  • Added sword and shield.
  • Held objects CANNOT go through walls.
  • Gun now spawns swords, because reasons!


  • Right Hand Application Button (the one above the track pad) while running/walking in place – Move in the direction you’re looking.
  • Grip Button – Grab item next to your hand, or let go of current item.

Known Bugs

  • Held items (swords and such) can become out of sync with your controller position if they go through walls to far. Simply drop the item and pick it up again
  • Sometimes you will move at half the speed you should. I have only noticed this in the unity editor however, and not in-game, so hopefully you’re fine!

Future Changes

  • Automatic Field of View reduction while moving. This should help alleviate motion sickness.
  • Movement slowdown while turning. This should also help with motion sickness, and make it all feel more natural.
  • Decupling movement direction and viewing direction. I’ve tested this out, and have not yet come up with a great solution. I’ve not given up yet though!

Final Words

I am working to Immersive Movement on the Unity Asset Store, however the first submission of it was rejected. The reasons why were all valid, I just need to take the time to add documentation and such. Once it is on the Unity Asset store, I will be charging $15 for it, and development on it will be continuous! Expect an announcement in a few weeks when it is available. Thank you for your support and feedback!

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