BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I am now Lead Game Designer for Field Of Heroes!

I am proud to announce that I will be taking over as lead game designer of Soccer MOBA game, Field of Heroes! This all came about after much discussion with good friend and great game developer Gamieon, who designed the prototype for the game and is now looking to expand it into a full release. The best part is, Gamieon is 100% cool with me streaming the creation of the design document, allowing all of you to join me on this wild ride. I will be working on every single aspect of the design of this game, everything from menu flow, to characters and their skills, to the audio-visual aesthetics of this game. We will be writing a very comprehensive design document for this game, and I will be streaming it live starting this Wednesday (2/15/17) at 8PM ET! Join me as we theory craft and work together to make this game a ton of fun!

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Immersive Movement 0.8.5 Update/Demo

Download Demo Here | Get the Unity Asset Here


To move forward, hold down the “Application Button” (Above the Track Pad) on the RIGHT hand Vive Controller. While holding the button, walk in place, and you will move forward in the direction you are moving. The more you move in real life, the faster you will move in VR.

What’s New?

This version if Immserive Movement is all about the collisions and climbing! Your player can now climb up stairs, crouch under low areas and fall off of heights with the use of gravity. The Player Body system is completely optional, and very customizable. Add it to your VR project today to get started in interacting with your world!

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Immersive Movement Demo 2: Verticality + Collisions

Download Demo Here! | Full Video Here


  • Added world collisions.
  • Added the ability to climb (and fall).
  • Tweaked movement speed to feel more natural.
  • Added speed cap.
  • Changed art style.
  • Added sword and shield.
  • Held objects CANNOT go through walls.
  • Gun now spawns swords, because reasons!


  • Right Hand Application Button (the one above the track pad) while running/walking in place – Move in the direction you’re looking.
  • Grip Button – Grab item next to your hand, or let go of current item.

Known Bugs

  • Held items (swords and such) can become out of sync with your controller position if they go through walls to far. Simply drop the item and pick it up again
  • Sometimes you will move at half the speed you should. I have only noticed this in the unity editor however, and not in-game, so hopefully you’re fine!

Future Changes

  • Automatic Field of View reduction while moving. This should help alleviate motion sickness.
  • Movement slowdown while turning. This should also help with motion sickness, and make it all feel more natural.
  • Decupling movement direction and viewing direction. I’ve tested this out, and have not yet come up with a great solution. I’ve not given up yet though!

Final Words

I am working to Immersive Movement on the Unity Asset Store, however the first submission of it was rejected. The reasons why were all valid, I just need to take the time to add documentation and such. Once it is on the Unity Asset store, I will be charging $15 for it, and development on it will be continuous! Expect an announcement in a few weeks when it is available. Thank you for your support and feedback!

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